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Do you know any children still struggling to read in 2nd grade?

Has the child been diagnosed with dyslexia or a reading disorder?

Is the child being taught with sight words or phonics or both?

If the teacher gives 5 to 10 words and the child is supposed to memorize them, this is learning by sight. If a strong phonics method of teaching is used, the child will be able to decode words. Example: Fly. The child would say the sound of the letter f, then the sound of the letter l, followed by the long i sound of the letter y, and lastly, say the sounds together-”fly.” If the child is given the phonetic code right from the start, in Kindergarten through second grade, then he will not have to struggle trying to memorize or guess at the group of letters that form the word in front of him.

Would you like to introduce a 4-6 yr old child to phonics in a fun and meaningful way?

A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters gives an intoduction to the first 26 phonograms of the English language, which are the 26 letters of the alphabet. Early learners can benefit from this introduction and become familiar with all the sounds that the 26 letters make in a fun way.

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What People Are Saying:

"Bringing joy into the educational setting is not always the easiest task, but you and your child will giggle repeatedly while learning long sounds, short sounds, third sounds, and other basic language rules presented in A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters. This clever addition to your young child's curriculum will enforce concepts, reiterate rules, and increase fun while teaching necessary phonemic skill."

- Melissa Cummings, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine LLC, January, 2012

Meet the Author:

In 1985, my fourth daughter was born, and my other three daughters were still in school. At that time, I took classes on how to teach Dr. Orton's multisensory phonics method. Mrs. Romalda Spalding had worked with Dr. Orton in his research on learning disabilities and wrote The Writing Road to Reading, which is a manual on how to teach the 70 phonograms (the first 26 phonograms are the 26 letters of the alphabet). Dr. Orton developed these phonograms to help children learn to read. I taught this method to parents, teachers and students. I was so impressed with the results and have been sold on it ever since. Read more about Mary Jo >>