The Amazing Circus of Phonograms Act 2 is coming soon!

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November 16, 2016
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January 26, 2017
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The Amazing Circus of Phonograms Act 2 is coming soon!

My January 1, 2017 resolution was to get my third book illustrated and published.  I inquired about getting my #12 illustrator from Mike Motz, and was informed he no longer worked for Mike Motz, but was now on his own.  I was desperate to get the same illustrator for my third book as the three books, A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters, An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1 and An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 2 will finally be a set of the entire 70 phonograms of the English language.  Mike Motz graciously gave me #12 illustrator’s email.  I contacted him and he was more than happy to do it for me.  His name is Joe Palmisano, and he lives in the US.  Why is this so exciting!  There were awards we weren’t able to apply for when we entered my first two books for awards because the illustrator had to be from the USA, and Mike Motz was from Canada.

Then I called Createspace.  They told me they no longer did services for children’s books, but after much questioning, they said they would do the cover and marketing items and print it, but the illustrator would have to do the formatting.  Joe agreed to do the formatting for us.  It is such a wonderful experience working with him personally, and being able to talk to him on the phone.  His imagination knows no bounds and he is almost done with the illustration sketches.  He will then start coloring them which will take a lot longer. 

I have purchased my ISBN numbers and bar code.  The things that are still on my todo list are to send my text to the copyright office in Washington, DC and write my marketing materials.  I will try to post more often to keep you informed of the progress. 


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