Success at the 2017 Oregon State Fair Authors’ Booth

Oregon State Fair Authors’ Booth 2017
August 23, 2017
Visit to the third grade at McKinley Grade School
September 22, 2017
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August 25 to September 4 we were at the Oregon State Fair with my books and audios of my books.  We enjoyed speaking with the other authors and with those that came to the authors’ booth.  We sold 117 books and 19 CDs, and spoke with many people.  I am including photos and info about all the authors that were there.  There were so many great books to buy and spent some money on more books for my library.  

Valorie Hergenreterer is a registered nurse and author of “I’m Still Me, Can’t you See”?   As a child with diabetes, she had many personal struggles.  Her book was written to inspire children diagnosed with diabetes, and give hope to their families.

Don Leach was in the military and was a spy during the Cold War, and also a lawyer who worked with concealed gun cases.  His book Confessions of a Cold War Spy is about his experience as a spy during the Cold War.  His book Oregon Concealed contains all the laws for carrying a concealed gun here in Oregon.

William Burt is the author of the King of the Trees Series, which is fiction fantasy similar to the Narnia series.  WWW.GEENCLOAKS.COM

Julie Davis Kooch is the author of  two books, My life on Joseph Creek which is an autobiography of where she was raised and worked on a cattle ranch in the Wallowa County in Oregon, and Riding the Canyon.

Kurt Cyrus is a wonderful author and illustrator of children’s books.  To view his books you can go to

William Sullivan is the author of many books which include hiking, historical fiction and history. If you like to find good hiking trails or places to visit in Oregon, he has several books to guide you. or

Joe R. Blakley has authored many books on Historical fiction, Sports History and Oregon History.

Patsy Brookshire is the author of Threads and Scandal at the Willamina Quilt Show – both are historical fiction which take place in Oregon.

Gary Hartman builds toys and also has written books on homebuilt toys, clocks, firearms and kid’s adventure  projects.

Nancy Darby Myers wrote Five-Seven-Five book of Haiku.  She is a poet.

Joe Brown writes Science Fiction books.

Carol Dare writes historical fiction books.  When the World Wept is about a WWII nurse and her experience in a POW camp.      email –  Her books are on

Beauford E. Averette writes Science Fiction books.

Steve Arndt writes books about roads less traveled in  Oregon and Oregon Ghost towns.  If you want to take some road trips in Oregon he has wonderful guides.

David Espinoza is the author of inspiring sports stories.

Steven Robert Heine is an author, poet and historian and also has books on health.

Edwin Wollert writes books about historical fiction and contemporary adventure.

Colene  Copeland is famous for her Priscilla pig books and other children’s books.  She also writes love stories.

John Dashney- popular author of children’s books.  You can find his books on

Ruby Williams-Jones wrote The Heart of the Homestead, a fascinating true story of her life growing up on a homestead near Halsey, Nebraska during the Great Depression.  This is the first in a series about her family and her life.  You can find her book on


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