An Amazing Circus of Phonograms Act 2

Would you like to make learning the multiletter phonograms a memorable experience?

How the book was born:

An Amazing Circus of Phonograms Act 2 is a continuation of the last 22 of the 44 multiletter phonograms. Early learners will enjoy the fantastic and humorous acts presented by each phonogram and their friends.

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All three of my books are a great resource for teachers and parents in teaching spelling and reading. When they come across a phonogram such as “ie” in the words yield and pie, the pronunciation can be easily explained to the child. The “ie” has two sounds – long e sound as in yield and long i sound as in pie. With this information, the child can then go on to words such as belief and die and can figure out which sound of “ie” to use. Being able to sound out words gives children a feeling of accomplishment and autonomy to work on their own. My books are also a great resource for those who are learning English as a second language. Most languages are phonetic. English is a conglomerate of other languages, but for the most part, eighty percent of the English language can be taught phonetically with these seventy phonograms. When they can relate to phonics, English learners find it easier to learn the language phonetically.