April 24, 2016

10% Sale at the River City Mall May 1, 2016

Be sure and check out the River City Mall and find your treasures Sunday, May 1, 2016.  My books, CDs and crocheted and knitted items will also be on sale.  There are so many wonderful items to purchase and something for everyone!  3990 Rickey St. SE,  Salem, OR 97317  12 pm – 5pm
March 20, 2016

Check out the River City Mall

My books, audio CDs and crocheted and knitted items are now at the River City Mall at 3990 Ricky St SE, Salem, OR, just off the I5 Freeway and Lancaster.  It is right across from the Craft Warehouse and next to the La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery. If you are in the area drop by.  They have a wonderful array of treasures to purchase. 
March 9, 2016

Another Award for An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1

My book, An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1, has been selected as a Picture Books – Early Reader finalist/winner in Foreword Reviews’ prestigious ‪#‎INDIEFAB‬ Book of the Year Awards! I was one of 20 finalists selected in my category. In a competition with over 1500 other entrants, it’s pretty great to have made it this far. Stay tuned for the winner announcements at the end of June. There will be 150 judges (booksellers and librarians) who will be picking the winners. They will be announcing the winners at the American Library Association Annual Conference June 29, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Click on the site below to view the Indiefab site. Please share this with all your friends. INDIEFAB.FORWORDREVIEWS.COM          
March 2, 2016

Inspiration at the Beach

We spent this past weekend at the beach, and I spent a lot of time working on editing my third book.  The sound of the ocean is so relaxing, and gives rise to inspiration. The constant and continuous motion Of the ebb and flow of the mighty ocean,             Gives rise to a flood of inspiration For my third book’s creation. 
February 4, 2016

“An Amazing Circus of Phonograms, makes learning to read fun” says The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

The following is the review for my book, An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1. An Amazing Circus of Phonograms: Act 1 is a book by Mary Jo Nyssen that won First Place in the Purple Dragonfly Book Award. This book tells a story, but within the story, students learn the sounds that certain phonograms make. There are 22 phonograms that are covered in the story: the five differently spelled “er” sounds—er, ir, ur, ear, and wor, and the other 17, sh, ee, th, ay, ow, ou, oa, oy, oi, aw, au, ew, ui, oo, ch, and ea. Each phonogram is written in a different color within the word so that it stands out. Nyssen colors the phonogram purple if it only has one sound. If the phonogram has more than one sound, the first sound is green, the second is red, the third is blue, the fourth is orange, and the fifth is yellow. The book retails for $13.99. This book is the second in a trilogy. The first book, A Colorful Journey through the Land of Talking Letters, introduces the first 26 letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Ideally, parents will start with the first book before moving on to this book. When using this book, parents can simply read it to their children, and through repetition, students will pick up the sounds that the phonograms make. This book is ideal for the reader who has progressed through the first book. The recommended age is 6+. This book is for any child, whether the child is homeschooled or attends school. My daughter is six and learning to read. She enjoyed both the story in this book and the colorful pictures and letters. Later, when we were working together on reading, she recognized one of the phonograms […]
January 6, 2016

What Writer’s Digest Had to say about My Two Books

The following are the reviews I received for my two books from the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.  Although I did not receive awards, they gave a very nice commentary on both books.  The reviews are in full. Subject: Your 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition brief judge’s commentary. Entry Title A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters Author: Mary Jo Nyssen Judge Number: 8 Entry Category: Children’s Picture books Judge’s Commentary*:  “A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters” is a delightful book. Mary Jo Nyssen has written a book that will delight children and their parents. Not only is this an ABC book that is bright and colorful and interesting, it helps teach children the sounds that all the letters make. She has color coded them too. The short vowel sound is in green, the long vowel sound is in red, the consonant sounds are in orange or blue and so forth.  The little “stories” to go with each letter are cute and interesting, not the usual “A is for Apple”. If a letter can have two or more sounds, she has a story to cover each one with all of that letter appearing in the color to go with its sound. I loved it! The illustrations by Mike Motz are perfect for this book.  Bright, colorful, and they will enchant children. This book will be a welcome addition to any home library and in early elementary to help learn the sounds the letters make.   Subject: Your 23rd Annual Writer’s Degest Writing Competition brief judge’s commentary. Entry Title An Amazing Circus of Phonograms       Act 1 Author: Mary Jo Nyssen Judge Number: 97 Entry Category: Poetry Judge’s Commentary*: In An Amazing Circus of Phonograms by Mary Jo Nyssen and Mike Motz, we are presented with […]
December 11, 2015

St. Joseph’s Advent Festival 2015

Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015, 8 am to 3 pm I will be selling my books, audios (A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters and An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1), as well as my crocheted and knitted items at the Advent Festival at St. Joseph’s parish gym, 721 Chemeketa, St. NE, Salem. Or 97301.  Use the Cottage St. entrance for the gym.  Come, enjoy the food, and find lots of craft items and Christmas wreathes for your Christmas shopping.
October 26, 2015

Publishing talk for third grade at St. Joseph Elementary School

Today, Monday, October 26, 2015 I gave a publishing talk to Mr. Joe Amsberry’s third grade class at St. Joseph School in Salem.  They were a wonderful group to talk to and the interaction was great.  When I asked how many wanted to be writers, several responded.  It was such a pleasure to be with these young boys and girls and share my publishing story with them. Hopefully my inspiration will be an incentive to them to pursue their writing aspirations.