January 11, 2017

The Amazing Circus of Phonograms Act 2 is coming soon!

My January 1, 2017 resolution was to get my third book illustrated and published.  I inquired about getting my #12 illustrator from Mike Motz, and was informed he no longer worked for Mike Motz, but was now on his own.  I was desperate to get the same illustrator for my third book as the three books, A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters, An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1 and An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 2 will finally be a set of the entire 70 phonograms of the English language.  Mike Motz graciously gave me #12 illustrator’s email.  I contacted him and he was more than happy to do it for me.  His name is Joe Palmisano, and he lives in the US.  Why is this so exciting!  There were awards we weren’t able to apply for when we entered my first two books for awards because the illustrator had to be from the USA, and Mike Motz was from Canada. Then I called Createspace.  They told me they no longer did services for children’s books, but after much questioning, they said they would do the cover and marketing items and print it, but the illustrator would have to do the formatting.  Joe agreed to do the formatting for us.  It is such a wonderful experience working with him personally, and being able to talk to him on the phone.  His imagination knows no bounds and he is almost done with the illustration sketches.  He will then start coloring them which will take a lot longer.  I have purchased my ISBN numbers and bar code.  The things that are still on my todo list are to send my text to the copyright office in Washington, DC and write my marketing materials.  I will try to post more often to keep you informed […]
November 16, 2016

Catch Up

    My last post was the end of May, and so much has happened since then.  Now it is time to catch up on news of my books and why I haven’t blogged.  My Amazing Circus book did not win a prize in the Forward Indie awards in June.  However, the finalist award that I did win is still special since out of 1500 authors in  my category, I was one of the twenty picked for the finalist award.                                                   The month of June took us on a journey we hadn’t thought of until our 30 year old daughter moved out into her own house.  We immediately cleaned up our house and put it up for sale.  It took us a month to declutter,  and fix things up and paint etc.  Once we put it up for sale it sold in 4 days at the beginning of July.  Then it was time to search for the right house to downsize to .  The end of September we finally found one in Salem that fit our needs, and moved in on October 14.  While all this was going on, my husband was hospitalized the end of August for pneumonia and blood infection, and they found he had multiple myeloma.  He ended up in hospital again the end of September with the same thing, and we moved a week after he got out of the hospital.  A few days after we moved in he got an infection and was in the hospital again for 5 days.  He is now undergoing chemo treatment for the myeloma.  Things are settling down and we are enjoying our small home, and less maintenance.   Also my computer died and  I had to get a new one.  My goal was to start getting my illustrations for my third book started, but with all that is going on with my husband’s […]
May 25, 2016

The Clock is Ticking!

Today is May 25.  The big date of June 25 at 4 pm EDT, is only a month away now, when I will find out if my book, An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1, remains one of the 20 finalists in the Foreword INDIEFAB book awards or if I placed in the top awards.  The American Library Association will be meeting in Orlando, Florida and choosing the top awards on June 25.     My books, A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters, and An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1, and audio CDs, as well as my craft goods, are available at the River City Mall 3990 Rickey St. SE, Salem, OR 97317.  Share this with your friends. Check it out if you are in the area.     Both books are $14 and the CDs are $8       cotton knitted dishrags $4 and scrubbies $2 crocheted headbands for $12 – $14 crocheted barrettes for $5, and a dressed 18″ doll with 8 outfits for $30.  
April 24, 2016

10% Sale at the River City Mall May 1, 2016

Be sure and check out the River City Mall and find your treasures Sunday, May 1, 2016.  My books, CDs and crocheted and knitted items will also be on sale.  There are so many wonderful items to purchase and something for everyone!  3990 Rickey St. SE,  Salem, OR 97317  12 pm – 5pm
March 20, 2016

Check out the River City Mall

My books, audio CDs and crocheted and knitted items are now at the River City Mall at 3990 Ricky St SE, Salem, OR, just off the I5 Freeway and Lancaster.  It is right across from the Craft Warehouse and next to the La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery. If you are in the area drop by.  They have a wonderful array of treasures to purchase. 
March 9, 2016

Another Award for An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1

My book, An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1, has been selected as a Picture Books – Early Reader finalist/winner in Foreword Reviews’ prestigious ‪#‎INDIEFAB‬ Book of the Year Awards! I was one of 20 finalists selected in my category. In a competition with over 1500 other entrants, it’s pretty great to have made it this far. Stay tuned for the winner announcements at the end of June. There will be 150 judges (booksellers and librarians) who will be picking the winners. They will be announcing the winners at the American Library Association Annual Conference June 29, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Click on the site below to view the Indiefab site. Please share this with all your friends. INDIEFAB.FORWORDREVIEWS.COM          
March 2, 2016

Inspiration at the Beach

We spent this past weekend at the beach, and I spent a lot of time working on editing my third book.  The sound of the ocean is so relaxing, and gives rise to inspiration. The constant and continuous motion Of the ebb and flow of the mighty ocean,             Gives rise to a flood of inspiration For my third book’s creation. 
February 4, 2016

“An Amazing Circus of Phonograms, makes learning to read fun” says The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

The following is the review for my book, An Amazing Circus of Phonograms – Act 1. An Amazing Circus of Phonograms: Act 1 is a book by Mary Jo Nyssen that won First Place in the Purple Dragonfly Book Award. This book tells a story, but within the story, students learn the sounds that certain phonograms make. There are 22 phonograms that are covered in the story: the five differently spelled “er” sounds—er, ir, ur, ear, and wor, and the other 17, sh, ee, th, ay, ow, ou, oa, oy, oi, aw, au, ew, ui, oo, ch, and ea. Each phonogram is written in a different color within the word so that it stands out. Nyssen colors the phonogram purple if it only has one sound. If the phonogram has more than one sound, the first sound is green, the second is red, the third is blue, the fourth is orange, and the fifth is yellow. The book retails for $13.99. This book is the second in a trilogy. The first book, A Colorful Journey through the Land of Talking Letters, introduces the first 26 letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Ideally, parents will start with the first book before moving on to this book. When using this book, parents can simply read it to their children, and through repetition, students will pick up the sounds that the phonograms make. This book is ideal for the reader who has progressed through the first book. The recommended age is 6+. This book is for any child, whether the child is homeschooled or attends school. My daughter is six and learning to read. She enjoyed both the story in this book and the colorful pictures and letters. Later, when we were working together on reading, she recognized one of the phonograms […]