A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters

Letters A through Z and their basic sounds

Would you like to make learning reading and phonics fun?

How the book was born:

In 2008, I started homeschooling one of my granddaughters for preschool. I searched for an ABC book that would make learning phonics enjoyable and at the same time cover all the sounds that the 26 letters of the alphabet make.
I could not find one, and as a result, I began to write whimsical stories highlighting the sounds I wanted to teach her. She loved my stories so much I decided to compile this book for all children to make their phonics learning experience enjoyable and memorable.
Beverly Hills Book Award
for picture books ages-4-8 - finalist
Purple Dragonfly award
for Best Illustrations - 1st place

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A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters gives an introduction to the first 26 phonograms of the English Language, which are the 26 letters of the alphabet. Early learners can become familiar with all the sounds that the 26 letters make in a fun way. It includes 33 pages of colorful illustrations and a cast of animated letters that speak to children. Each letter introduces itself and uses simple rules of phonics to teach its sound(s) to beginning readers. The individual highlighting of the different letter sounds and the use of alliteration helps the child to see and hear the phonogram and its sound.

Follow Along Reading with Mary Jo Nyssen

Five Stars!! "Fantastic Book!" "This is a brilliantly put together book. Being an English major, and parent of two, I have never seen anything like this before. Every book that I have read that helps with the sound of letters comes across as either boring or like it is trying to imprint the information into your child's brain. The approach that this author takes in teaching the young reader, through fun examples of repeating letter sounds helps the child to understand the concept of what sounds each letter can make, without just force-feeding it to them.

 Breakdown of the book:
 Fun characters
, Witty use of letter sounds
, Easy-to-understand variations of each letter sound. 

I'd just like to put on here, that I have no idea where we came about getting this book (I'm guessing from my child's teacher). But my daughter pulled it off the shelf for us to read tonight and I was so impressed with it that I had to jump on here and write something.

 I just want to say to the author: Thank you! Fantastic book!"

By: Luke Glassock